Best Home Security.

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The best way to protect your family and home is with a well trained K9.IMG_2841.PNG A well trained and social K9 live's just to be loyal and protective of you and your family. They give you love, affection, companionship, and peace of mind. Today's world reality requires excellent home security. We have been providing the highest quality family protection dogs in the business since 1985. We guarantee our dogs will be a good fit and addition to your family. We also stand behind our dogs health. We import from Europe, and export internationally.

If your in the market for the highest quality personal, family protection dog on the planet. Give us a call 561-791-9622.


I prefer a dog that will alert me but not get in the way. Having a dog or dogs to defend your home is almost always a good idea though! Just beware of the legal implications. If they bite someone, it could cost you dearly.