Komodore64 - Blockchain is the Future of Gaming

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Hungry for More Blockchain Games

Anyone who has been following or playing splinterlands.io knows what asset ownership within a game means for gamers. Players now have the option of purchasing in-game tokens or assets (like cards) and own those assets on the blockchain. Playing games to earn blockchain assets (tokens) which can be bought and sold on exchanges really is the future of gaming. Someday, any game that doesn't allow the player to export their tokens to keep will be "old school".

Today I learned about Komodore64: Blockchain Virtual Console

There is another blockchain gaming system being developed in the Netherlands called Komodore64.

Our mission is to deliver Komodo blockchainpowered games to everyone through a virtual console, bridging the gap between game developers and players. Game studios can use software development kits from Komodore64 to create secure and robust entertainment products, while gamers can benefit from a trusted publishing platform and participate in multiplayer gaming on the blockchain.

A Virtual Console with an Embedded Marketplace

Understanding the power of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), we know it's an eventuality that all games will use blockchain NFTs for their objects. NFTs grant players the ability to OWN their game assets and even buy and sell using crypto currencies. Komodore64 is offering players this ability over all their games within the Virtual Console.

The Virtual Console is a native application that can download and run Komodo powered games, with an embedded marketplace to buy and sell items, upgrades and additional content, connect with friends and foes to play together, stream and follow gameplay, place bets and so much more!

Four Games to Start, More to Come

The current time line has four games on the Virtual Console by the end of 2019. Just like any dead-line project, this is subject to change.


Ultra Fighter

Starbase Scorpion

Deep Sea Bomber

Game For Later Release

Go Fast

Dojo Showdown

War Chain

Bash Champions

Jet Ski Champions

K64 is already on exchanges!

As a part of this emerging technology, laying the groundwork for the Virtual Console, a new crypto called "K64" has been developed and is already on several exchanges. Launched May 2019, there will only be 64,000,777 tokens ever minted!


The future of gaming is on the blockchain and NFTs are a crucial part of this new reality. Virtual Consoles that interact with a blockchain allowing item ownership, sales and gifting, will become the status-quo of gaming.

Learn more about Komodore64 by visiting the website, reading the whitepaper, and interacting on the Komodore64 Discord Channel

The future of gaming is bright indeed!!!

All images and quoted text is sourced from the komodore64 whitepaper and website.


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My kid would be rich if Fortnite had crypto ;)

I think all games will someday have crypto... and children will justify all their game playing to their parents! Maaa-om, I made $100 last night, I sold my fire sword!

Thanks @Ironshield for the Article.
Task does allow everyone to discover new crypto projects!
I went to there expo back in July and it was really nice! A lot is coming!!

It's a fun project to watch grow, that's for sure!

Thanks for the info about what @K64 is and it’s upcoming plans @ironshield.

@battlegames you should check this out . It would be great to let our community at BattleGames know about this .

NFT’s are definitely a game changer. Just look at Splinterlands, DEC had made a massive impact and it will only get bigger.

I told a friend that I play SteemNova with that I can see so many mobile games that could change their in game currency to a NFT. His response was blockchain is not ready for it yet .
But clearly it is ready for it now .

Thanks for posting,
Have an awesome day!

I should have promoted this post at battlegames.io Next time! NFT's are ready for prime time and it will go main-stream at some point.

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