Hiveing and on the run from Justin ScumsteemCreated with Sketch.

in #justinscum7 months ago

Hopping on here and throwing up ghost really quick.

I mean a post...

well it looks like the community has spoken and the far majority of us is migrating.

Well having a place that sensors people on the platform is definitely not the direction we wish to go there for We have decided that we are going to go to a new place and the community will be much safer then.

Having all this hostile takeover and Justin sun having an ulterior motive to gain control of our community is unacceptable

Really this is a horrible move and is going to seriously affect the investment that was put into this.

Personally I'm going to leave my stake on here running.

If this platform doesn't nosedive it will still be here. Anyone getting votes here will still get them.

Best of luck and you cannot buy a community. You may join in or get ostracized and kicked out or you can invest in one but you cannot buy 1.


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