[Wineplay] Just Cause 3 on Linux (a floorless experience)

in justcause3 •  11 months ago

Good news for easter egg hunters! Wine-2.16-staging let's you see through the floor in Just Cause 3 ;)

0:00 Intro
4:07 Story Mode Start
8:42 Gameplay

Framerate is stable at about 30 fps, but be advised, save everything important before playing, the game can randomly deadlock your operating system. (may be the fault of nvidia drivers. tell me if it happened to you too)

Since my last Just Cause 3 video, you want to enable CSMT or the, now rendering, user interface will flicker crazy. No additional special settings. Game is also the legit Steam version.

And enjoy playing. See it as a special challenge right now :D

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