Tree Tuesday and a Flower

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A Tree Tuesday Post, and a Flower

It has been awhile since I made a post. That happens a bit on this account of mine. To get back in the swing of posting after a seventeen day hiatus, I thought a Tree Tuesday post would work to get me going. We had a lot of rain on Sunday, and today, (Monday) it was still raining until the afternoon. Then the skies cleared for the evening, so I thought I would try to get some pictures of the sunlit tree tops as the sun was going down.

DSC_8172 - Copy tree small.jpg

Fall is getting here pretty quick, the leaves are already falling and turning colors. The fire weed is living up to it's name as the leaves turn a fiery red. I like this small stand of mixed trees the sun lighting up the top and highlighting the colors.

As promised in the title, a flower shot. Not sure of the name I thinks it is some type of marigold, but not sure.

DSC_8181 - Copy flower small.jpg

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Beautiful. Looks like Oregon.

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