No one Flocks Like Mother Nature

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It was a Cold Flocking Day

Today it was cold, it was Minus sixteen degrees when we left home, and by noon it was only a whopping minus 8 degrees, that's Fahrenheit.Minus 16F is about Minus 26.6C, and Minus 8F is Minus 22.2C. These are some trees by the coffee shop we stopped at. When its this cold you need something warm to drink.

This picture was taken from inside my automobile out the drivers window, the window was only rolled down for a short time because it was so cold.

Now this was out the windshield. Soldotna sits pretty close to the Kenai River, when it is real cold and fog forms it tends to cover everything.

This has been one wild week of temperatures and weather for us. Sunday, started out at -8 warmed up through the day, had some snow Sunday evening into Monday Morning. Temperatures continued to climb slowly to reach a high of 23 degrees on Tuesday, and today started out with that -16F. It's flocking cold.


We used to get temperatures like that in Minnesota. I don't miss it!

It has been a week that is for sure, at least we do not generally get wind with the snow, so no blizzards like they get in Minnesota. Last Saturday I think it was minus 16 same as today's wake up temperature. and we did have that warm spike in mid week of about 23. a 39 degree swing of cold, not so cold, and cold again, but even though we don't like it we adjust and deal with it.

Yep, that's about all you can do!!

Stay warm, my friend! ❤️

Lots of start the car early when needing to go somewhere and get the groceries loaded in the car and unloaded as quick as possible so you don't freeze the tootsies off.

I am completely sympathetic. Although we havent had any subzero temps yet this winter, I have seen more than my share of that kind of weather. And I am NOT a fan!

Miss the snow living on my sailboat now. Thanks for the share.

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