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Does anyone know what "it" really is?

Below is the quick google search definition:

So simple of a word. It=easily identified I hope you see that. So if it is so easy to identify what is it?

  • "it", is the title of a Stephen King novel and movie. I did not really read or watch the movie, I would guess at the end of the show you found out what it was.


  • just look at it!
  • What is it?
  • I want it.
  • Can I have it?
  • Can you believe it!
  • Oh, man does she have it!!!
  • Did you see it, did you?
  • Do you want it?
  • Do you have it?
  • Can you use it?
  • Where is it, I had it a minute ago, now it is gone.

"it" is a fun word. No one really knows what it is. We just use it a lot.

Where is it, I know I had it a few minutes ago, it was right there in my hands, and now it is gone. Did you take it, do you have it? What did you do with it. Where did you hide it, I want it back! and I want it back now! Make it appear or I will beat it out of you. Please don't hurt it, I was only kidding about beating it out of you, it is just a saying. I just want to find it, I want it back, it can't be gone forever, I don't know how I can live with out it. I need it. Please help me find it. It would be so kind of you to help me find it, then we can enjoy it together. We can use it, to make it care, to make it grow, to make it love, if we find it we can share it, it would be so much fun. All we have to do is find it, it was here in my hands just a minute ago, now it is gone. it has flown the coop, it has hit the road, it is long gone. Was it ever really here in my hands? Did I really hold it so close? Was it really that dear to me, that I could just let it go? Maybe it just did not care. When we find it do we know if we have it, if we don't know we have it until it is gone. It would be a sorry state of the world of words if it was not allowed to just be it.

About the movie:
Now just to clear the air about it, there are a few one letter movie titles B being the first in the IMBD list. Also in 1927 Clara bow starred in a movie It, and it has a 7.3 stars rating, while the 1990 it has a 6.8 stars rating, and the 2017 version of it has a 7.4 stars rating.

It was fun writing about it.

It is time to go.


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