Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show ~ "Sylvia's Mother"

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Saddest Song? Maybe

It has been well over ten years since I heard this song, and likely heard it in the mid 70's as that was when I started to listen to the radio and sort-of pay attention to music. I thought back then it was a very sad song, and every time I would her Elton Johns, "Sad Songs" I would think of "Sylvia's Mother". The song was released in 1972.

After the music Video, is one that has Sylvia's Mother and Sylvia herself talking about Shel Silverstein, the person that wrote the song. I thought it was a pretty nice side story to his life. When I looked on the wiki site for Shel, not much mention other than the background to the song, but when you go to the song on wiki you get the background for the song.

Sometimes we just need to share a song or two that have left us with some good memories and that take us back in time. This need may not be so great in the younger people, but as we age we grow fond of old and new things, and music is something that no matter how old can bring a memory back from the darkness of our minds to the light of the current day. I hope you enjoy the videos, and feel free to share a sad song you like in the remarks.

"Sylvia's Mother"

Dr Hook – Sylvia’s Mother | The story behind the song

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