My 26th Newbieresteemday post - Half a Versary - 6 month journey

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Half a Versary

          Here is the link to my first #newbieresteemday post. It contains the links to @mudcat36 and @davemccoy 's Newbie Resteem Initiative.
This is week 26, sixth month, half a year.
First weekly post was made on Jan. 14, 2018. The reach that #newbieresteemday tag has had is phenomenal.
We are reached 6 months
of being in operation initial launch post from @mudcat36 on 1/14/2018
Image created and provided by: @amariespeaks
          So, if you are new to steemit and meet the criteria below I will try to help at least one individual that responds:

• a steemit newbie, that has a rank of not more than 45
• has a good and quality blog
• has less than 90 days on steemit
• I will only resteem One post, and that is not a guarantee

          If you would like your blog to be resteemed, read, commented on, and voted on, leave a link to one of your blog post in the comments below and I will try to help. If you have a question I will try to answer it, or direct you to someone or a post that may be of help. Steemit can be overwhelming at times, but there are people that do try to take the time and help others.

Where you can Find us

@newbieresteemday - This is our primary account, and the one that does the majority of the resteems, although most members will resteem a few post. On our home blog page you will find on the banner the link to our discord chat room.

@newbiegames - This is our page that we utilize to highlight and support games and challenges, and where we occasionally run our own games and challenges for the not just the new users, but for all users of steemit. We try to feature games and challenge that do not have overly complicated entry rules, and mos of the games do not charge even a vote to play, it is if you have the Vote Power available always appreciated to vote on a game you are playing in, as most of the smaller games rely on the post pay out for the awards pool.

Discord Chat Room - Here is where you can go to find all kinds of help, or to just find someone to chat with. We have a lot of information and assistants rooms on the left hand room links, and a post promotion dropbox that people use to find new content from members to look over.

Very useful helpful links

  1. Keeping track of what is happening with your account has never been easier that just replace @yourname with your @ name and you will be there. It is free easy and simple to use. Here is a post I did showing how to use the manual voter on steemworld to vote comments. If you have questions about using any of program, just leave a comment, and I will try to help or someone else will try to help, @steemchiller is also always willing to help people out using his program, he is pretty busy and always working to tweak his program, so visit his page and take a look at his work. You will not be sorry, and as a new user you will be very happy with being able to see who mentioned you and voted for you. It is a great front end.

  2. @dustsweeper As a new user it is difficult to make headway with votes. Most likely as a new user the people coming to vote and follow your are likely new users also.So making your votes count is a very important decision you will make, and getting the votes you receive to count is very important. This is where dustsweeper can help out. They will lift your non-payout level recieved votes to a payout level. So if you have 3 people that vote on a post of yours and it does not reach $0.019 then those votes will go away, and you receive nothing and the vote giver receives nothing. So very important to invest in yourself and your fellow steemians. You can start with as little as $0.250 to set up an account. If you see a contest giving away free gift accounts you should jump on it right away. I myself have gifted a few new users. So visit @dustsweeper learn about @dustsweeper, this will also teach you a little bit about the steemit vote system.

  1. @IFC Okay now for a little more fun and games. @newbiegames is great for quicky game fix, and help build your account games, they also feature longer games but mostly focus on quick rewards as that is what people want. @IFC is different. Season one is just finishing up. Yes season, as in a six month long contest or longer. Now wow would I mention @IFC in a section called
    " Very useful helpful links"
    , simple steemit is more than about making money, it is also about engaging each other and about having fun. There are a lot of different people on steemit, and people from all over the world and from every economic boundary line you want to draw. @IFC is a globe wrapping game/challenge. I have met some of the nicest, strangest, and well just cool people in the games. A follow is strongly recommended, and keep your eyes out for when Season Two starts, I think it will be as fun and exciting as Season One was. The game is from the mind of @apolymask, he has done a remarkable job with it, and made it very fun and challenging indeed.


          I do hope you visit, read and follow the three highlighted post above, I think in the long run you will be very happy that you did.

And now for a word from our Sponsor

          CONTINUATION: Minnow/Newbie Palooza Is Live NOW (Over $100 SBDs in Free Prizes, Giveaways, and Upvotes) I do not know how long they are going to run the games, or if another post will need to be done, but that is @newbieresteemday team in action. The response to it has been nothing short of amazing. Here is the original post 1216 comments. Simply amazing the amount of responses.

This post protected by @dustsweeper, ask me how.

Just wanted to pop in and congratulate you on the six months. Just think of all the people you have reached and then they in turn. That is quite a snowball effect you have going on there. Way to go!!

Even if it is only one a week, that would be 26 so far. I do enjoy trying to help a little bit, and it really does not take a lot sometimes.

I kind of like to think that the tiny bits we all do add up. All together it can end up making one really huge difference.
Btw I have been really enjoying the fiction as well, when I have time to catch it at least. Some of those comments on the Palooza thread were truly priceless.

There are a lot of talented and funny people on steemit, and the content and comments show that.

I like what you do and just because, I sent you 1 share of SBI! :) thanks again for being cool and have a good day! Should take a week to arrive. Pay it forward!

Thank you, it all helps. And thanks for the pay it forward comment, I almost for got to go give my vote to his cause.

You are most welcome! Share the love and have a great day!

That's really awesome of you to do this. It's one of the things I'm really enjoying about the steemit community. People are focused and committed to building the platform through investing in the newbies. Thanks for all you do!

Also... how is this post protected by @dustsweeper and what is it protected from?

It does not happen often to me anymore, but occasionally a post will get less than a $0.02 payout. In the event on day five I had at least one vote, and it was valued at less than the two cent minimum, dustsweeper would have come along and upvoted it enough to give it a three cent payout on day 5. Many new users will still have post that receive less than two cents in value of votes, yet have 3 or 4 votes. I do still get votes on some of my comments that are less than two cents, so dustsweeper will give those comments a boost to the three cent level also, so the person's vote counts and they get a curation reward, and I receive the reward they intended.

Any time you receive a total vote payout less than two cents it is burned up, as if no one voted for you. In the past 6 days, while you have had votes ranging from $0.00 to $0.85, you have 11 votes of $0.02 or less. the one vote at $0.20 may or may not be at threshold level, @dustsweeper will look at those 11 comments and provide enough of a vote to get them close to the $0.03 level, so a gain of $0.33 versus no gains at all for those eleven votes. You would get rewarded, the people that cast the votes for you would get their curation reward, and dustsweeper will get a curation reward also. So from two people getting nothing to three people, (or more), getting something. The (or more) is because you had I think one comment that received two votes and still did not make it above the dustoff level to where they were going to be burned up.

Thanks for the thorough response. I'm still not sure how to tell what a vote is worth. I know when someone is new their vote isn't worth much of anything, right? I also delegated some of my voting power to @tribesteemup I think, so that likely makes my vote worth even less. Is there a simple way to see what my vote is worth? I'm rather confused by all the intricacies of this system.

Is dustsweeper something that would eventually deplete my account if my own voting power is less than it's threshold? Or do I allocate a finite amount of power to it and then reevaluate when that power is all used?

To begin do not be alarmed at what you are about to see. I love the steemworld program, it is very useful. To see what your vote is worth it really helps:
matifer acc.png
A very handy useful quick look view of a lot of information. Here is how to see how much someones vote was worth:
matifer vote value.png
You just open up the green arrow and a lot more information is presented, like I said that steemworld program is a fantastic tool.

No @dustsweeper does not deplete an account. When using dustsweeper you are basically providing a means to raise the payout level of dust level votes whether on a post or a comment. It is your money, (with a little bonus thrown in by dustsweeper), that does the voting for you. One SBD will raise about 70 low level votes received. You decide how much money to invest in yourself, there is a minimum that is set to start an account, but you can add to the total as you earn. I myself have a balance of I am guessing around 1.5 SBD.

Even though I have been here for a almost a year on steemit, I know virtually nothing about curation trails or delegating SP for profit. I know how to delegate SP, but I have not done it or looked into seeing how to do it for getting a payback, I just donate a little bit for things.

Voting is a difficult thing to talk about, people do not like being told how when who or why to vote, and I am of the opinion that no one should tell another person how to vote. I did do a post not to long ago on one strategy of voting, but it is only suggestions and some (as I know it) realities about how and when to vote.

I hope the above helped a little bit.

@bashadow Yes, that helped a lot. I looked at steemworld a bit and it does seem quite useful. I was only mildly alarmed that my vote isn't actually worth anything... but my granny always said it's the thought that counts, so I'll go with that for now. 😃 Maybe I should consider undelegating until my vote actually has a value.

I think once I am more confident in my understanding of how the financial side of this works I'll take advantage of dustsweeper. In the meantime, I'll continue to educate myself on everything steem.

I sent a starting dust account to you, so you can see how it works. I don't know if you get small votes on comments, but in five days even though I am going to do a small vote on your comment, you will see it get a vote from dustsweeper, thus giving it a payout.

Cool beans, thanks! Do I need to do anything to activate it?

Nope, just checked, it is already working for you. It will send you a comment when your account gets real low, all you have to do is send them a little bit and they will add it to your balance. I my self just pop a little bit in every now and then.

Hi @bashadow! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @mattifer
Hope this helps!:)

Happy Steemit Anniversary @bashadow! i love that we are all growing together and helping others out as well :)

Pretty amazing that newbieresteemday is still out and about and active after half a year. Very active in newbiegames the last day or two.

Good to hear @bashadow; I think the palooza should be a big hit!

They had to do a second the first over a 1000 comments, and guess what, it still did not make the trending page. Go figure.

I just saw a reply from them with the second post @bashadow! Over 1000 and no trending. Go figure is right!!

Congrats on the Half a Versary! :D I think what you do is great and it's nice to see people who give back and spend time to visit other peoples pages and respond to comments and leave thoughtful comments and not just basically post their content and leave it like many do. If there were more people like you around here this place would be a lot better I think. :) Thanks for the friendship and good luck to you into the future!

None of us really know what the future will hold, but, if we do not take care of today, we have no future.

How thoughtful you are! And I would like to tag steemians I know on this posts, hopefully they would be interested @fotografia101, @lecongdoo3

a steemit newbie, that has a rank of not more than 45

My reputation score is 48 already though my account age is just 32 days. I wonder if I'm considered a newbie.

The nice thing about being the Author of the blog, is I can make exceptions. Some reps grow fast because of a vote trail, or a curie vote, or a big guy vote, so 32 days is new enough, I resteemed your, Increase the price of fuel to solve environmental problem. Post, I thought it was a good question for people to examine.

Thank you, I think the three highlighted items are pretty useful for new users, and older users who may not be aware of them.

I actually did not know this initiative only started this year.

The Discord chat is actually what allowed me to find @ifc. The rest is history.

Yep, only since this year. Sometime I am surprised we are still going. All I do pretty much is my weekly post try to help here and there, with votes comments and a few, (very few) resteems. I am going to see if I can continue for the next six months, I was late one day, but other than that I think I have managed to get a post out every Sunday. It's not much but I do get one or two people that actually read, then ask for help a bit.

Based on my experience, I think most people do reply and check out your blog (even if just one post), people reach out.

You are doing a greatly underestimated and underappreciated thing for the community. If everyone just check out 1 post each time they post to promotion channels, there would be a lot more engagement going on here.

I understand that some people just want to share a thought and see if they can earn a few dollars, or whatever currency, and that they may not have time to visit a few post, it would be nice if more people did, but they could just be real busy, or just trying to make a quick buck for whatever. Eventually the quick money fix people either learn it is a slow steady growth and be nice and engage, or they just go find the next quick buck thing.

Most people that make it past the second month do try to be more engaging. Finding a nice community is sometimes not easy, Newbieresteemday, sort of serves as a jumping off point to finding like minded people and communities they can be a part of. I think that is the real important thing about Newbieresteemday, helping people make connections.

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