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Democracy is the political system that believes in the rule of common people over rich, affluents and elites.. The assertion of this political system is that everyone should have a say in choosing who gets to represent him in government, and should be involved in promoting his own rights...A True democrat must firmly believe in the ideas of democracy... Take for instance, The election we had in the year 2015 in Nigeria which is regarded as an unprecedented achievement of former president Goodluck Jonathan, He proved the highest level of maturity by conceding defeat to the opposition party (APC) the then presidential candidate, president Muhammadu buhari.. The actions has earned him local and international respect , up till date he is still in the forefront of election observers committee in Africa nations.... I urge the candidate of the opposition party Alhaji Atiku Abubakar not to listen to any form of irrational advices from anyone or bodies that is capable of ruining the peaceful co-existence in the nation ....

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Nice blog solkazt welcome to the Steemit family enjoy