YES! - or maybe not

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When you sell your crypto for the price you had set, you should be happy, right?

My (small) order had been in the system for a few weeks, and every time the price got almost high enough, it just stopped and went down again. When I placed the order it was just because I had no use for the crypto at that moment, that is why I set it higher than the price of that moment.

The idea was, if they don't sell, it is fine, if they do sell, I get a good price.
Yesterday morning I found out the order was filled. Yay!
Let's check what happened. What?! It spiked way higher than the price I had set, bummer.

And that is weird, don't you think? You get what you asked, and yet it feels a little sour not being able to take full advantage of that spike. The amount of coins was way too low to really make a difference, it is just the thought.

Ah well, next move, what to buy now?
No, no lambo, just a different coin.
WLS? back to LTC?

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