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side effects of junk food___

The gravest problem that the world today is dealing with is obesity, after the warsbased on religion. There are more people dying of obesity than cacer. And that is a fect ingulfing the thoughts and research hours of people all around the entire world. The much talked about think is health. Everyone has become conscious about what to eat and what to avoid. People have taken up physical exercise or a sport to keep tham fit. A lot of gyms have come up as a result ; health centres too have mushroomed on every locality. But at the same time if we look around us a lot of small and big shop and restaurants, take away joints, dialin a meal websites have emerged too! It is high time we realised the importants of taking ourselves, it healthy and stay fit.

junk food is of some importance____

  • If we are hungry many times, we eat junk food and starve.
  • We can also meet the daily needs of the Nejeras with small junk food shops.
  • We have many events at the junk food store.

My only request is that you don't eat junk food too much.


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