Caught on film, "Jumping in Savannah River during St. Patricks Day and repeatedly tased by police"

in jump •  9 months ago

A video of an intoxicated young man jumping in the Savannah River during St. Patricks Day, and his teenage brother jumping to his aid as he was getting tased. Not good choices, but not deserving of 150,000 volts. I am not condoning the action because there are signs that say no jumping. I am saying that the punishment does not fit the crime, and there were opportunities to handcuff him instead.
If the police were trying to protect him, and that does not look like the case, they were far more life-threatening then a jump into the river. When did people lose the right to choose what risks they want to take? I made a "GoFundMe" to help present this case and give them a chance to defend themselves. Bitcoin accepted.

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