Meditate During Your Juice Cleanse For A Happier, More Peaceful You

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Juice cleansing has many benefits - in fact, research has found that lowering your calorie intake by up to 40 percent lowers your risk of various diseases. But a juice cleanse isn’t just about cleaning your body — it can be great for your mind, too. Even more so when you combine a cleanse with a calming meditation ritual.

Often, we go into auto-pilot mode during our day and especially when eating food. We don’t even realize how much we’re eating or what our bodies really need, which puts us out of touch with ourselves. Juice cleansing is a way to slow down and become more aware of what we’re putting into our bodies. This is good for our health but also our mental and emotional well being.

Become More Mindful
When you slow down and pay attention to your body as well as limiting your calorie intake, you naturally become more mindful. Mindfulness is developed through the regular practice of meditation, and it’s when you’re completely present in the moment. When you’re not distracted by food or rushing through your meals, you can reconnect with your body’s needs and dig deeper into your mental and physical state.

A juice cleanse helps you practice mindfulness so you become aware of your body, mind, and spirit for greater all-round health. Juice cleanses can also help you on your path to a blissful meditative state because they eliminate foods that boost your stress, such as processed snacks.

Help Yourself Through The Cleanse
Juice cleanses are not always easy. You might feel tired, foggy, or irritable because you’re making such a drastic change to your diet. It takes a while for your body to get used to it and heal. Meditation during this time can help you stay on track and get through the difficulty of your juice cleanse. When you find yourself thinking, “I can’t do this cleanse” or you’re focusing on your negative feelings, meditation can help you become more aware of these thoughts and allow them to leave your mind so you replace stress with feelings of calm.

A study published in Biological Psychiatry showed that being mindful can help you better cope with stress. After people were given stretching exercises to do, brain scans of those who had undergone mindfulness meditation beforehand showed greater activity and communication between areas of the brain that process reactions to stress, as well as other areas that deal with calmness, when compared to people who hadn’t gone through the mindfulness meditation.

Find It Easy To Zone Out

When you focus on being quiet and blocking out the world with meditation, you allow yourself to“just be”. A juice cleanse can help you achieve it even more intensely. This is because when your body’s empty of food, it’s easier for it to access higher chakras during meditative states. These chakras allow you to connect with your higher self and your immortal soul.

If you meditate after eating, you might fall asleep because your energy is put into digesting your food. Meditating during a juice cleanse is therefore optimal - it frees up your energy so it can be used more productively, and to help you find blissful peace.
Juice cleanses and meditation go hand in hand. They work together to help promote feelings of calm as well as encourage healthier eating habits that stimulate the brain’s protection against stress.


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