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Manipulate spheres, the world around us. Juggle with realities while anchoring in the present.

A desire to fly elsewhere. But where? Because elsewhere is an infinite sphere whose center is here.

So it's decided, I stay here, in my body, but gives the right to my mind to wander at will, again.

Juggling is an activity in which one engages entirely. Time no longer exists and nothing matters more than the fascinating movement of these inspired spheres.

Launched with a firm gesture but benevolent, twirling lightly, piercing the air with speed, tracing their trajectory with precision, reaching their peak in all tranquility, and falling gracefully, in an innocent hand, which orchestrates this nuanced cycle, without goal, but with pleasure.

Music Credits: Zelda - Song of Storms (Deon Custom Remix)


Manipuler des sphères, le monde qui nous entoure. Jongler avec les réalités tout en s'ancrant dans le présent.

Une envie de s'envoler ailleurs. Mais où? Car ailleurs est une sphère infinie dont le centre est ici.

Alors c'est décidé, je reste ici, dans mon corps, mais donne le droit à mon esprit de vagabonder à sa guise, encore.

Jongler est une activité dans laquelle on s’engage tout entier. Le temps n’y existe plus et plus rien n’a d’importance que le mouvement fascinant de ces sphères inspirées.

Lancées d'un geste ferme mais bienveillant, virevoltantes avec légèreté, perçant l'air avec rapidité, traçant leur trajectoire avec précision, atteignant leur apogée en toute tranquillité, et retombant avec grâce, dans une main innocente, qui orchestre ce cycle nuancé, sans but, mais avec plaisir.


Cool le retour sur steemit! Je commençais à m'inquiéter :)
Joli job le montage vidéo-musique. Continue ca fait son effet!

Merci frèro. Ce n'est pas la grande forme ces temps, mais j'essaie d'être productif de temps à autre. :)

He's back! Lovely and poetic description of the juggling mind... your video editing and juggling moves go handed in hand LOL. I love the video speed changes and the physical speed changes when you throw back and forth. Glad to see you looking fit and nimble as ever!

Hey thank you my dear friend! I'm trying to get better. :)

So sorry to hear you are not doing well... health is the most important thing. It is good you are focusing on it. Steemit will be here.

That was great. Really enjoyed it. Keep it up. Following so that I can see more of your talent. Thank you so much for the Gift, made my day. Very appreciated my friend.

Thank you Kouba. :)

Wow a true master a work. Nice one bud :)

Thank you my friend! :D

Awesome skills man, great video, thanks for sharing! :) Definitely earns a resteem, have a nice day n' #keepsteemin

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amigo eres tremendo con tus manos, deberias trabajar en un circo, jajaja, Excelente @troilo.

Gracias Karlin!

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Mi amigo extraño verte por aquí, aunque siempre visitas mi blog, quiero ver un video tuyo. espero estes bien...

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Yes!!! So nice to see other jugglers here on steemit! I like the mix you do with throws and contact, you can manage the flow of boths! Congrats, hope to see more!!

HAHAHAAAAAAaaaa. Man you made me smile! I was sitting here in front of your juggling video with my smile growing more and more from the one side of my face to the other side! I felt remembered of my teenage time where we where juggling non stop and coming up with new tricks, competing in a fun and creative way all summer long! Thanks you for this moment.