Pesach 2018 @wolvesden

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We just finished setting the table for tonight. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post there are 15 things we’ll cover and dinner 🥘 is one of those 15. We’re getting close to ready and the anticipation is rising as it’s the first time at our home!

In front in the middle, behind the wine 🍷 you can see the Seder Plate.

😃🍷👨‍👩‍👧‍👦פסח שמח

Doron 🐺

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I hope you had a lovely time, its a beautiful table setting.

Thank you, we had a fantastic time.

Beautyful tradition @wolfje, it mantein the family together. Bon appetit.


Hope you enjoy the night!


Thank you, we did! I hope you're alright?

The table setting is everything!!

Absolutely and the family make the atmosphere.

Toda! Are you celebrating as well?

Alas, not this year—did not prepare for it. I was taken by surprise with no time to plan! But I'm going to be ready next year, when I'm well settled into my new home. :)

Can't say you're missing out 😉 I'm getting tired of the matzes and glad when it's over tomorrow. I think I'm going to celebrate with a nice pizza ... yummy!

Good luck with your new home!

A Very beautful and elegant setting.

Thank you, we only do this on very rare occasions.

This is a beautiful setting. It makes me hungry, a whole lot. What is the seder plate for though, I don't know it?

There are certain items that are part of the ritual and traditions on it. I put more details in my post from yesterday.

I will check it out then. Lovely thing; culture, when it is right.