A history of JTS_Global and the Role Communities play in Blockchain

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After our recent AMA and numerous questions relating to roles communities play in blockchain I thought I would share some more thoughts on this topic.

Before jumping into the topic of communities I would like to give you a brief history on our journey to a better understanding of #crypto.

When we first entered #crypto we were frustrated at the lack of real uncensored information relating to blockchain and projects. Reading news articles and marketing information was one thing but hearing from real users was another story. Countless hours spent googling and reading really did not bring us any closer to understanding its purpose and use cases. Oh, and yes, we jumped in with both feet. Probably not the best idea in the first place.

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Fast forward a few months and new “chat” applications were being introduced with the sole purpose of bringing like minded #crypto enthusiasts together. Perfect! Finally, a place to talk with real people and hopefully build our understanding of this crazy, new and exciting technology. As new investors this also proved a bit of a challenge. Along with these new applications came some unfortunate consequences. New groups (or so-called communities) were being created out of thin air. “Come join my trading group, I can make you lots of money!”, “For only x$ you can join our group for special privileges”. “Buy my coin, you’ll be rich in no time!” Seriously! What happened to just a place to go and get help, build your knowledge and be a community? Yes, as new investors we fell into this, ever exciting, realm of #crypto hype. Funds dwindling and markets crashing, we were starting to second guess our investment.

Then came a decision that brings us where we are today as #JTSGlobal. Our experience with unsavory players and downright scammers brought about the discussion of what we would like to see in a “real community”. Although I have been stressing our negative experiences, we also met some exceptional and honest people along the way. Please do not take this as typical #crypto experience, this was only our personal journey. Our community was born.

Building a community is no easy feat. Dealing with bots, scammers and those wanting to create FUD is a 24/7 job. For us this is a volunteer job and it takes a close nit group to manage the ever-changing scenery. Your administrators are your GOLD. Attracting those who share your views and keeping your dedicated team is key. For some groups these are volunteer positions while other communities may be able to offer paid positions. These admins are the “face of your community”.

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Creating community rules is extremely important. Are you looking for quantity or quality? Some may find our community rules excessive, but we have learned along the way that if we want a safe and vibrant community we need “real people”. We chose quality over quantity. Members should not be afraid to show their true selves. #Crypto has a long history of fake people, fake accounts or those with dozens of profiles only out there looking for free coins. These are not true community members. Take the time to locate and boot these. Your true community will be so much happier.

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Communities also needs a purpose and focus. Whether you are a blockchain, a project or a fun community group, you need to advertise your intentions. For us we strived to build fun community where we can learn, experience and share our journey together. We have created a safe, inclusive learning environment. A place where newcomers aren’t afraid to ask those beginner questions like how to create a wallet or how do I transfer. But also, a place for those more experienced to discuss news and projects. We have built an extensive list of contacts so we can help find answers to all our community’s questions.

We have seen many communities come and go. Some start as a fun community, then move to a “pay to enter” and then change yet again to a marketing channel with a token of their own. Why? Greed? Maybe, or they just had no real goal at the beginning? Your community will help guide you in that journey. Listen, take criticism and use it to build on.
For blockchains and projects, these communities are the core to your existence! Where else can people learn and experience what you have to offer. Asking questions and giving feedback are extremely important for you to grow. Do not be scared. You need to spend the time and maybe money to build something that works for your own project.
Once you have built it do not just let it go on its own! Communication is key and when they see the “face of the project/community” in there answering questions or just joining in on some fun conversations, it will truly make a difference.

Community groups can also help you spread the word. Research them and reach out.

Every community, blockchain and project are different. My experiences may not be your own, but I hope you enjoyed hearing about our community journey.

We all play an integral role in building a safe and friendly environment for all to experience. Let us change the world with blockchain and encourage the masses to join us!

Trina Batista



#JTSFam #JTSGlobal Wow Finally its reveal JTS community and our Role in #crypto community on #Blockchain is now out and can read and be inspired to us how #JTS Community continues grow and keeping our role in #Blockchain.

#JTSGlobal is a Global crypto community we have a List of different people on different places around the world. We ainm to help and educate people specially to all new on this Technologies.

JTS story revealed John and Trina. Building a good community at crypto world is really not easy. But trust and support to a good leader is important too. Good trees can bear a good first class fruits, and that is what JTS community like.😊
Keep it up and more power, we are just here at the side.

Excellently written. A great community cannot thrive without a good leader. Your extra ordinary leadership has helped to make #JTS what it has become today.

You bared it all out without leaving any stones unturned and this is more likely what many has passed through as this has attracted people to join #JTS .

It takes hardwork and perseverance to build a community but it's worth it at the long run.

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