JS Index Update 10/04 – Final Update and Index Discontinuation

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JS Index is designed to make your trading decision regarding Steem a walk in the park. Click on the link for more info what it is.

When I started JS index I knew it is going to provide info worth thousands of dollars for all following the index. I still believe in this but it has turned into not fair exchange. While mostly useless TA post like this one receive hundreds of dollars on a daily bases, the payouts for the info I post struggles to break 10 cents. So my index is either not needed or is highly underappreciated. At any rate it for sure does not pay for my time and effort. For those reasons I will stop publishing the index. This is the last update.

JS Index for 10/04/2016 12:30 UTC: 318.41

Steem price: 0.0007197 BTC/Steem or about $ 0.44

Past Values:
###JS Index for JS Index for 10/03/2016 16:00 UTC: 323.07
###JS Index for JS Index for 10/02/2016 15:00 UTC: 328.27
###JS Index for JS Index for 10/01/2016 15:00 UTC: 334.99
###JS Index for JS Index for 09/29/2016 15:00 UTC: 350.53
###JS Index for JS Index for 09/28/2016 15:00 UTC: 354.80

The chart above is for the period 08/01-10/04 of the JS Index and the price of Steem.

My Thoughts for today.
Those are just thoughts of mine. Do not take them as trading advice because they are not!!!

My final thought is – My current target for steem buying is in the $0.25 to $0.15 range. This is based on all the data I have as of today. By the time we reach that range more data will be available. I pray for the useless Technical Analysis of @ozchartart to guide you good enough in your trading when we get there. Good luck!

Previous post/values of the JS Index:
JS Index 09/27

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I do find your approach very interesting, but in fact I personally would not be interested to check out just any statistics as a daily routine.
To know power distribution trends monthly and organic users trends weekly would be good enough for me to make decisions.

james-show I feel your pain I for one hope you will post more of the JS Index

I pray for the useless Technical Analysis of @ozchartart to guide you good enough in your trading when we get there. Good luck!

I have looked at his posts and I cannot understand why so many are impressed with his work . I see no important information there at all .


I would also like JS index to continue to be published.