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in #jsecoin3 years ago (edited)

I enjoyed using the self-mining coin of JSECOIN since yesterday.
There are 3325 active self-miners. So far I´m happy with the results.
I mined 31 coins and it is still going on. I rather make it 24 hours before everyone does the self-mining, then it means it will be hard to catch up coins later.

It´s very fun. I suggest you do too. Everyone can log in and start mining straight away even if we don’t own a website. There are 2 types of mining tools. If you have your own site domain, you can become a publisher (a website mining) if you don´t have, then you can use the self-mining tools. It´s very easy.

It is stated that self-mining can be earned by helping secure the JSE blockchain, simply by clicking the – START MINING button. Then your or my computer will start carrying out the mathematical equation. It is to find a valid hash. Each hash earns you a sort of ticket into a lottery system where 50 winners get rewarded a 1JSE available in every 30 seconds block. Then it starts all over again every 30 seconds with new 50 winners of 1 JSE each.



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