JSEcoin Exhibiting At Blockchain Live

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The blockchain live event will take place at London’s Olympia on the 26th September 2018

JSEcoin will be exhibiting at stand D34/35 in the start up village.

Screenshot_2018-09-18 Blockchain Live.png

We looked at a number of options for exhibition packages and conferences and Blockchain Live offered the best value for money and exposure for the project. With 3000+ attendees expected this will give the JSEcoin project expo The conference has some great speakers lined up which should attract a lot of interest from the blockchain community in the UK and abroad.

Screenshot_2018-09-18 Blockchain Live(1).png

If anyone is in town for the event please stop by the booth and say hello to the team. It would be great to meet some of our users and stakeholders.

You can get a free basic pass to the event here: https://blockchainlive.com/attend-blockchain-live/



Stop spaming my wallet. It's annoying.

Another positive thing going in the way for JSECoin.
I also notice that the number of miners surges this past few days.
HODL is the way!

Yes,HODL is the way!

Block chain is the future. Thanks for the link.

Is it same like steem coin???

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It is not...
JSECoin focuses on giving more value for webmasters/website owners or blog owners by giving you a chance to earn crypto currency via publisher mining. They are also into leveraging the huge crypto potential for ecommerce market as well as online adverts similar to google ads. I also find this crypto the easiest to mine so far by utilizing their web miner.
Once you have your account email verified you can start there and then. No need to install anything or purchase some costly gears. And the reward system is quite fair for all who participated in mining via its lottery system. More so, mining doesn't hog large system resources. Actually I ran JSECoin miner on the background while working on my desktop. You can even mine using your android phone. I suggest you try checking it out. Now with all this lengthy rant? All I`m asking is that if it's not much of a fuss feel free to use my referral link when you sign-up: https://platform.jsecoin.com/?lander=4&utm_source=referral&utm_campaign=aff102885&utm_content=

I suggest you signup first then verified it. Have the miner ran on the background while you try to learn more about JSECoin. And one more caveat separate your web miner page if you are using it so that your hash rate won't drop. I mean just detach the web miner tab from all the tabs you're opening. Another alternative if you found this much of a fuss is that you download JSECoin platform miner for desktop wherein you can minimize it on the system tray while mining some crypto. https://github.com/JSEcoin/platform/releases

And last thing is that JSECoin is on its last leg of ICO wherein they offer a 5% bonus on your token purchases https://jsecoin.com/ico
We still have until October 11

Upvote you ,不錯啊,很好的活動~~

Hello, I share your opinion, I think that the blockchain is not only the currency of the future, I would dare to say that of the present too!

Dogecoin is the best Cryptocurrency!

Wishing you guys a very successful conference. This is the era to build in anticipation for a profitable bull-run soon.

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Thanks for your information.
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I liked the publication. Thank you

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