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Relentlessly killing it as always, @teamsteem! I haven't finished reading this just yet (about halfway through), but will finish it up tonight! I'm currently having a cook out with a good chunk of the team: @robrigo, @lovejoy, @kotturinn, @spurious-claims, and a few other good people! So I gotta attempt to be social haha.

But back to the reason Steem was created (as well as Dan's other projects) brings me back to Consensus 2017 when I was talking to Dan and I asked him something along the lines of "So, if you could sum up what your goal is with all of this and why work so damn hard to unleash all of this insanely progressive tech!? What drives you, what's your motivation?"

Well, he gave me a one word answer that was what I feel was concise, appropriate, and insanely admirable. His answer was "emancipation." Straight up humbling to hear. The dude is an absolute legend . . .

In the future, once all of this takes hold and is adopted by the masses, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if he wins a Nobel Peace Prize. The implications of all of this on society are practically immeasurable.


This is such a cool story! Thank you so much for sharing it. I had to look that word up to make sure I understood it better. He and his work really made me a better person.


the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberation.

The best answer ever

Beautiful. Freedom is the archetypal masculine aim.

Keep me in your group and keep me working regularly

Excuse me, @teamsteem wrote: "a place where kindness rules". I was homeless and at steemfest and nobody offered me to borrow money or help me to make a business. I was sleeping outside in November without proper sleeping bag and teamsteem talks about kindness. This is just not true. I made a little poem about teamsteem who also didn't reply when I asked him about his last "steemit is so kind" statement where he cited a Rinpoche about how important joy is. it's tasteless! Here the poem for you because nobody upvotes my posts because criticism isn't welcome that's why I have to post it here:
"I wrote 23 posts today
Does this mean that the Illuminati can see me?
Help me so that I don't have to Power Down?
Community, a word like "friends" on facebook
Not productive = die!
Sunshine all the time not even Lemons opened the eyes
Sorry for your loss! It's a shame!
But fighting the disease they don't
The disease named greed and ignorance
Preaching the Buddha on trending
They know what others expect from them to think they are nice
Sick fucks and their lies"

Edit: I told more than 15000 people on the street about bitshares and steemit and nobody BORROWED or gave me 300 or 500 euro so that I can rent a room. You are so full of shit everybody it's .. I don't know words for that other than than I am speechless about your lies!

Edit2: I got into jail because a policeman reported me tomthe police (he was in normal clothes with his wife. I was wearing a fat poster with a bitcoin symbol and DPOS written on it. The judge made me pay 100 euros because I told the wife of the cop that she is disgusting how she talks to me because she was fucking disgustingly talking to me. From 10K people 2 of the worst people called the cops and when I didn't have100 euro (i didn't know i was sentenced and only found out a year later when i was controlled bu the police) I went to jail straight from the street! They wanted me 20 days but some new friends paid for me after a week. Then I ran away because of reasons I cannot talk about and at steemfest onceuponatime and everyone else didn't give me a penny! Kind? I am laughing mu ass off! BTS and STEEM is the most coldhearted greedy place I have ever seen. Keep writing history with shoving teamsteem the money up his ass but I also habe a word to say. Now I got a bit loud but I think that I have a reason or don't I?

You're either drug addled, mentally ill, or both. Seek help. I mean no offense, just being real and showing concern.

It sounds like you expect people to just shower you with money and take care of you. Why? Are you alright? You might want to consider seeing a doctor, you're coming across a bit unhinged.

That you can judge from far away that I am either this or that is not very nice of you. It is disrespectful. Not kind, too. I do not expect people to shower me with money. Not at all. I have high respect of people who reach others a helping hand especially when they have hundreds of thousands of dollars. In my case, I explained it quite well I think, it would have been very kind to help me but nobody did. To call the steemit community kind is therefore wrong. I think that it should be a normality to help others according to ones own capabilities and not watch them suffer. That is why I am setting this straight. Do you understand?

You're calling an entire community unkind. That is wrong.

You're also calling other people who didn't seek you out and practically be your guardian by giving you shelter, water, food, and money unkind. When people went to Steemfest they went prepared, not expecting other people to house and feed them. Maybe you should've arranged something with someone prior to going? Maybe you shouldn't have called a cop's wife disgusting (even if she is extremely disgusting), that's just mean spirited.

I usually don't reply to stuff like this, but I'm honestly getting a sense that you may not be well. Seriously man, if you're "on something," or having some kind of issues, seek professional help, that's what it is there for, to help.

Best of luck.

I agree with you...

There are exceptions. For example @technovedanta who borrowed me 100 STEEM. Or @chaaylin who sent me money to the atm for STEEM. Or @dan, who once sent me 25 $. Or a few others who donated together 90$ when I had similar problems. I mean the majority. You know some people who have extreme experience with torture, abuse and so on can go a hundred years to the shrink and they will always have issues. I am one of these people. To tell me to go to the therapy (which i did many times btw) is so disrespectful and shows that you have no experience. I guess that you are a nice guy and just don't have the knowledge because you are a team with robrigo if I am not mistaken and he is a nice guy. Why do you have to tell me all these things which are good for me? Why can't you not just accept that I have a point? When I followed dan I was lokkimg for an alternative to government. You have no idea how but i got treated by the government which is the place where I have ro go when I don't have money to pay a private therapist. You want me to go there again? Can you not just be a bit open and try tounderstand that you might lack the knowledge and that I have something imlortant to contribute instead of calling me an addict or mentally ill? To judge me (policeman's wife without knowing what happened there is not good sir. You just said that I was mean spirited, this is really - I don't know how to say it in english - .. not wise. It is not up to you to do that. It's overbearing from you. Do you know anything about me? You can from time to time read my posts: 38PTSWarrior on bitsharestalk and here shla-rafia. Many people say that I am one of the nicest people they ever met. Intelligent and kind. I ask you why you say the opposite? I am workimg for a better tomorrow. To decentralize and abandon the government which harmed me so much. I am thinking for everyone and gave everything and then you think that for a man like blocktrades, pharesim, onceuponatime, steemrollin and so forth it would be a big deal to BORROW me 500 so that i can rent a boat in amsterdam to market steemit? Paint it? I asked a few people at steemfest, also the openledger guy who obviously isn't poor. Ned didn't help me. Now is that kind? It is the opposite! It is ignorant, selfish, coldhearted and teamsteam is a liar when he says that this is a very kind community! You can make him a rich man and write history on the trending page. But to silence me you can't. Why do you think I am doing this here? Because
i am a troll? I am not! I am a person with strength and weakness like everyone. To work in a team is the solution. What one man can't do the other can. But nobody reached me a hand.

Good luck, man. Try to take care of yourself . . .

Haha I said the same thing right before he left Steemit, both him and Ned.

main architect of Steem.

I read anarchist not architect

Steem's emancipation is something like Step 4 Emancipation from here, a manual for freedom.

This is very good blog

I agree with that...

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