My Surf Trip To Phuket (Kata beach), meeting with Thai people!

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Greetings to all Steemit users!
My name is Ruslan, me 33, I am fond of IT and I lead a healthy lifestyle.
Also I like to travel and not so long ago with the head I was fond of surfing!
One of the wonderful places in the world where able to visit this amazingly beautiful and peaceful country, Thailand! (The Land of Smiles :)

My first practise surfboard (Longboard)

Last summer in a direction choice where to go to test independently surfing, I stopped on the island Phuket which is located at the western coast of Thailand, in the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean.
I had heard a lot about such beach of Phuket, popular for surfing, Kata beach.
The beach settles down in the southwest of Phuket, and during a season of rains which lasts on the island from May to October, each beginning surfer can find the place on a spot.
The first meeting with local which were very friendly that isn't surprising (after all it is Thailand, and friendliness this natural phenomenon here haha)

my friend Alex

Rental price and the beginning of a happy day!

The prices seemed to me the quite democratic.
The discount for good mood is applied!

Prices of rent for 1 board: 1h-150 bath, 2h - 250bath. To regular customers they allow discounts, especially if you rent on a half of day or all day!

Surf spots is the best place to meet new people or how I met a friend from the distant continent - Japan, Daisuke.
Hi. I will be glad to meet you on Steem!

Morning surf session!)

afternoon Kata
Sun, mild waves, sandy bottom, the "big board" - all that is needed for the beginner surf practice.
Note: of course not forget to protect yourself from the sun, so as not to get burned because of the things you love time flies))

Not all at once good at it, but this is just the beginning;)

love my girlfriend, my family and surfing!

Evening surf

sunset on the beach with the local guys are going to play football.

Goodnight sea, I'll be back!

In my next post I will tell you more about a very interesting place like Surf Bar on Kata Beach "Surf House"

Really good tricks))

To new meetings, Steem community*!
Successful travel and amazing discoveries:)


hey there! welcome @surf4life good pics & videos 8]

Great post! Glad you had fun on your trip

Hey there! Welcome to Steemit! Great pictures as well :)

Excellent post and pictures.

Nice post! Got a question, how do you make a picture in the middle of your post be the one chosen to be the thumbnail, i always have a problem where my first piece of media becomes the thumbnail.


Hi:) I use photo hosting of my region "savepic" and if I need a miniature after loading my pics, I choose the html code preview or (thumbnail) Изображение - — сервис хранения изображений THx to all in advance!

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