Unique Mountain Train Journey - From Llanberis to Snowdon - The Highest Peak in Wales

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Now this is a Steam, or should I say "Steem" train journey worth taking, although a diesel option is also available :)

A trip up to the highest mountain in Wales, which stands at 1085 metres or 3560 feet and offers panoramic views of the rugged green valleys, villages and lakes nestling far below.

The only rack and pinion railway in the whole of Wales, this sterling train service has been operating since 1895.

The journey begins in the sleepy village of Llanberis, but this base camp dwelling place is soon left behind as the old crimson and cream coloured train begins it's slow, yet steady journey, passing Hebron and Clogwyn on the way to the summit.

There are some rugged countryside views to take in along the way as you slowly chug along.......ever upwards.......

The daring ascent begins and the summit is within reach.......

The Visitor Centre at the Summit of Snowdon, which offers refreshments and panoramic views of the valleys below. From here on a good day you can view the Wicklow Mountains all the way across the Irish sea.....

If you ever visiting the UK and you're partial to unique train journeys and majestic mountain views, I highly recommend a visit to Snowdonia national park in Gwynedd, Wales. A round trip journey should take approximately 2 and a half hours, which includes half an hour at the summit to have a bite to eat, take pictures etc

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