My journey to 10 dollars a day

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This going to be my journey to achieve my goal 10$ a day. I started this thread mainly to motivate my self and find other people who are like me so we can work together and help each other and from this day on i will focus on two things : school and achieving this goal that's why i decided to uninstall league of legends because i spend way too many time on that game ( the truth is i got permanently banned but i always try to look at the bright side :)). sorry if my English sucks just bare with me I am trying to do the least amount of mistakes.

Methods :

Right now i'm trying to learn as much as i could in cpa and i'm following two guides :

the adwork media method and ogads +instagram .

Accounts and Landing pages

I have three instagram accounts

-the first one is (freeskypecredits1) 71 followers and i created a very very simple landing pages that i created myself here is the link if you are interested : (can't share the link :(
Note : i'm sure i wont make money because this niche sucks

-the second account is (befitandhealthy001) 328 followers

-the third account is (battlestation2k18) 640 followers

Please if you have any advice tip note guide let me know I will update daily .

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