Exploring Steem and the Future of Journalism with CUNY's Entrepreneurial Fellows

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Reporting back from CUNY

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to present our incubator - @sndbox - to the current group of fellows at the CUNY Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism. The Education Director had invited us to present on Steemit, Sndbox, and the opportunities for journalists in the current ecosystem of blockchain. It was a tremendously engaging conversation that spanned a lot of contemporary topics. Many of these entrepreneurs were keen to learn more about how the Steem blockchain could provide a sustainable infrastructure for publishing work and building an audience. In this post, we’ll look at some of the main points that were brought up to bring the discussion home.

But first, big thanks to Orlando and Luke, hosts of Life on the Blockchain, a podcast born out of the program. We had a blast recording in the CUNY studios, going over how Steemit works, why we founded Sndbox, and why every content creator in the world should be paying attention. Even Chad, the sound engineer for the session, jumped into the conversation with a bunch of questions after the main recording and confessed that he signed up for Steemit during the talk! We’re looking forward to the final broadcast (and the awesome post-recording discussion that was luckily recorded as well) and we’ll be sure to announce it to the Steemit community when it is ready.


  • The 2018 fellows of Tow-Knight Center of Entrepreneurial Journalism. Learn more here.


  • @sndbox presenting on how the incubator works (where the money comes from) and showcasing Steemit as a new avenue to empower content creators and reporters.

The group talk was a fantastic experience. We presented to a dozen journalists with a wealth of experience and looking to innovate within their discipline. The Education Director Jeremy Caplan helped guide the discussion and we were able to go through all the main fundamentals of blockchain, the Steemit platform, and how these fellows could engage us in Sndbox. Interestingly enough, they had had a few presentations prior on various other blockchain services and platforms so we were able to build on that momentum.

Big thanks to everyone who was there for the great discussions and we’re looking to organizing another gathering soon!

  • A must-watch introductory video to the Tow-Knight Center of Entrepreneurial Journalism. Learn more via their website, here.

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Blockchain-Empowered Journalism

With our presence in New York City, Sndbox is aiming to drive more conversations within specific disciplines around content empowerment. Our primary domain is the creative field of art, design, architecture, curatorial practice - but we understand that there are broader disciplines at play here. With talks and workshops like these we're beginning to cultivate more cross-disciplinary communication. Thinking long term, that kind of cross-pollinating is very exciting.

This was affirmed in the discourse yesterday, we spoke about how the journalism and news industry faces similar obstacles of social media including censorship, verification, value distribution, and much more. News corporations have evidently struggled in the internet age to keep journalistic integrity intact and focused. The blurred lines between actual news and bloated hearsay are commonplace in this modern climate of journalism.

We’ve actually already seen journalistic aficionados like @davidpakman integrate their content production well and monetize a new space of practice. We hope this will set the precedent, especially for aspiring journalists with innovative ideas of how to operate within the discipline. Steemit, along with the growing blockchain ecosystem, could very well be one of the more powerful tools needed to achieve this new foundation.

Let us know what you think below!


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Wonderful, so great that you are meeting with and presenting with more and more groups of people and sectors....very exciting!!

So many freelance journalists will love steemit and it can be there starting point to success.

yes I hope so!

Thank you @natureofbeing! This was a really great group, and they asked fantastic questions :D

It's a very good initiative ... journalists are real embassadors who will represent the steemit community and who will participate in the growth and success of this palteforme..

Steem could become a huge catalyst for the journalism space. Imagine a small-town newspaper using an SMT to revitalize their work, readership, and rely less on ad revenue!

With our presence in New York City, Sndbox is aiming to drive more conversations within specific disciplines around content empowerment.

Yea I think sndbox is doing just good enough and I am really proud of you guys. You guys are bringing steem to the ears of everyone and to think that one of the presenters actually registered on steemit during the program is just plain awesome...keep going a great job guys.

Thanks for your support @sistem!

Hope you & yours are well.

Here is an update with the Steem Creators Conference. Things are moving very fast now. We have some great speakers & presenters.

Here is our website www.steemcreators.com

The invitation is open for you guys to speak at the conference.

We are adding additional speakers every week.

It promises to be a great time.

Love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions that you may have.
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Hi @steemcafe, we'd love to be there! Unfortunately we have prior commitments that weekend. But sincerely, thank you so much for inviting us. We'll be tuning in if there's a live stream and will keep track of the conference as it take place next month! Steem on friend :)

cool best of luck with your projects. They are great for the community. Wish you all continued success.

For journalists, this means greater control over the content that he/she creates, since the changes implied by a system such as the Blockchain is the labor independence that the journalist can have to make his space on the Steemit platform his own ecosystem of information in which no interest influences when creating content, more than your own if you have it. Under any lens and scope in which the Blockchain is placed, it only seems to have benefits for all. Thanks for sharing @sndbox

keep up the good and educative work @sndbox.

nice to meet you here @sndbox. i think this is a great group for enterpreneurial journalism , hopt it can be one of the greatest social medias like steemit platform.

This is a really great article about journalism
Keep up the good work and more achievements come your way

Totally Awesome man , thanks for your Informative & Useful post.

Wow so wonderful!! it's amazing idea~ @sndbox

cool, hopefully all goes well .. amazing

This great news... i appreciate your education.

Very interesting post @sndbox

very interesting and precise, steemit worldwide, so that the fore running smoothly.

I will dig into it. Very interesting! Thanks.

I think this is a good step done @sndbox because the main purpose is to organize the content on the platform Steemit be good, let alone that support later came from practitioners and journalists who have been struggling their integrity in doing news coverage and writing. Because, in the big media too, rumors and sensitive issues are always a material to gain profits in their media.

I personally certainly do not have the capacity to discuss this subject further, although every journalist holds to a universal code of ethics. This means that the code of ethics is no different between one country and another. However, what I want to say here is: steemit needs another community that moves as a post censorship that is not really worth posting: a photo of women by showing off breasts getting high. But good postings do not get significant reading, which should be useful to others.

The other thing I want to say is, is there a special procedure to introduce steemit to a wide audience, for example I personally would like to invite many people to join this media through my network, especially via radio. If not, what preparations should I prepare to begin this movement?

Thanks for replying.

this is really great to see you like presenting people,
even I want to be one of them because it is needed to me as well

good post, i need your support @sndbox

This is truly needed.
I appreciate your support a lot.
This great news

Great post. Well done.

They are an important contribution for the entire blockchain. I agree with the opinion of many here. steemit will have a long life and I am convinced that he will take away the position to other social networks. This is the future, just like that.

Steemit platforms are amazing and very interesting to discuss in depth. So I see your writing is very useful for us who work as journalists. Just so you know, a number of journalists in Aceh, Indonesia has now wrestled this platform. Even as has made their second profession ... hahahaha @agustiarismail

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