[ENGLISH] "Operations Zone Soldier's Journal - Afghanistan 2012" [OPERATIONS ZONE JOURNAL EP. 5]

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   The awaited day has come.

   That day with which every soldier, non-comissioned officer or officer has been dreaming since he set a foot in operations zone.

   That day is the day when it's time to say goodbye to a country in the middle of the conflict, having the feeling of having contributed our little bit of sand, but also with the feeling that this help will soon "fall on deaf ears". A bit bitter feeling...

   Because in this country, no matter how much you try to do, then it comes the desert's dust and reshapes everything again at its whim ...

   Even so, I can say that I am happy to have finished with the "Rebuilding Afganisthan" operation and to be one day closer to step on the Spanish soil and meet with my people.

   I have had very bad and hard moments here, and I have had also very good and sweet moments, but I think that even in spite of how hard it may have been, it is very enriching to see and live something like this experience. In that sense I am very proud and very happy that this experience happens to be part of me.

   Now I have to enjoy my well-deserved vacation days, having at my disposal thousands of things that here were deficiencies.

   At the moment we are at the base of Herat, where we have been waiting for 2 days until the commercial plane arrives tomorrow. Relaxed, with nothing more to do than rest and think again and again in our imminent arrival to Spain.

   Goodbye Afghanistan...

   And I tell you emotional and even with some regret...

   Farewell to your film arid landscapes, goodbye to your various people, goodbye to your heat and your cold, goodbye to your explosions, goodbye to your market and crafts, goodbye to your shots, goodbye to your precious starry sky, goodbye to your poisonous Fauna, farewell to your convoluted Dari and Pashto, farewell to your generalized sense of mistrust, farewell to your sandstorms, farewell to the squints and sincere signs of gratitude...

   Goodbye... Goodbye... Goodbye...

   "Tasakhor" and "Kodha Hafez" Afghanistan...

Pvt. Cabanes, Telecommunications Specialist.


Powerful emotions there Brother...Great stuff!!! Thanks for posting that:)

Yes it was a very emotive experience to live all those things involved with the misión. Thanks for Reading brO! You're welcome!

Amazing post! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks to you for reading it! Yours was a good one also ;)

Celebrado por @curie, felicidades amigo!!! Gran trabajo!

Gracias señorita!! Un placer!! :)

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