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Join us today in our Q&A. Best questions will receive free JOTs.

Q&A Session with Dev.Team of Jury.Online Alexander Shevtsov and Konstantin Kudriavtsev. Top-3 questions chosen by our Telegram community will receive free JOTs.

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Future of dispute resolution

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Thank you very much
How do you see their market superiority in the near, medium and long term?


Good question. Considering they are hiring aggressively...

....and they have two exceptional devs already on their team driving the project, I would say they have a very good chance at winning the race to becoming the primary provider for all cryptocurrency based business. Their system will naturally have crossover appeal in the highest value industry in the world, second only to healthcare, so I would imagine, crypto based or not, it will eventually become more convenient to purchase JOT with fiat currency than bitcoin itself. Right now there is no one effectively doing this for business in crypto, and while ethereum smart contracts are self executing and extremely valuable in the simplicity they offer, business across borders across language barriers, currencies, and knowledge gaps is much more complex.

If Jury.Online gets there first,

Very nice post . Help me grow by voting in this comment.

This is very amazing. i wanna try it. and I can even ask question here.great.

Definetely will support this initiative