You Want To Share Your Voice? JUST DO IT.

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Good to see you on steemit- didn't know you were here hadn't seen you promote it at all on Twitter.


Yea... it's funny, I can't get ANY of the content producers that I invite on here to to the ONE STRANGE TRICK to be more successful on SteemIt... Talk about it! But none of them miss the opportunity to post ALLLL of their other Social Network sites on their SteemIt posts along with their Crypto Wallets.

What do we have to do to show others how to Steem properly? It's a conundrum I tell ya...

Bacon FOff.png

MY Positivity for you Bruv was ALWAYS my agenda. You KNOW I've been warning you for Months that the BANS and Censorship was just going to get worse. I'm Glad you're HERE to rebuild... something I've been trying to SHOW @quitefrankly how to do with His show. I can show you guys even MORE interesting techniques when you're ready. SteemON @jaysather, and welcome.

Highly rEsteemed!


You are right, the most important is to never stop and to keep working and creating content, there are a lot of platforms where you can share your content. I will be happy to talk to you, I am interviewing dtubers, would you like to make the collab with me ?

I am glad you are here on DTube! Thanks so much for making videos as a survivor and conqueror on YT! Stay persistent!