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I hope you'll post to Steemit and Dtube. I've been following you Q content for a while and found it quite informative.

It is amazing how fast and often youtube, twitter, and facebook are shooting themselves in the feet! Very well put together video!

Why don't you try Vimeo, brother? I'm sure you can afford a premium account with those big Gaia dollars.

VERY not cool, Youtube! But it's not gonna stop Truth from spreadin'.

(Really like the drone footage though... wish I had a drone. But I don't make videos anyway, so I guess it's not a big deal.)
Keep on keepin' on, man!

Highly rEsteemed!

Bacon Chill.jpeg

Keep exposing the forbidden truth, and don't ever let the bastards get you down.


I guess a.) you’re over the target, b.) they’re buggin’, and c.) you are simply the best in your class. Keep your head up and ride out the storm, as I know you will.

Btw, have you read the Alliance strategy manifesto: ‘Protocols of the Illuminated Suns’ yet? If you haven’t—for the LOVE of Q—Please check it out; it got so many outside views, Steemit stopped displaying view counts:

Congratulation jaysather! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 111min with 16 votes.
Thanks to @souldelas.

Nice videography from the DJI

Youtube, you are in the dog house honey!

Never give up man! This just proves that u are getting close and they are hitting u back. The masses are woken and we will not be lulled back to sleep!


Must be hitting some nerves, Jordan, keep on keeping on!

keep fighting the good fight jordon!

Hey bro.. sorry to hear about your channel going down..