We need more Anarchists making music about ending state violence

My name is Jordan Page, I'm a musician and liberty loving activist. I live in the Great American Redoubt of the pacific northwest in the US, and I believe my rights end where yours begin. I believe that all humans are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights, and that is where our equality lies, not in our personal potential. I believe violence is wrong unless in retaliation or defense of oneself, property, or of others who are not capable of defending themselves. I believe that discrimination is a fundamental aspect of freedom. I own myself, my body, my person. No other human has claim to me, and I have no claim to anyone else. I believe that the evils which have always befallen humankind are always caused by involuntary, authoritarian, centralized government, whose only method of enforcing its ideals is through monopolistic and systemic violence and institutionalized propaganda. Through this violence and manipulation, the fiction we call government is able to commit massive theft, and through its partnerships with financial slavery institutions, it is able to commit widespread violence all over the world. This is what I fight against, using art to educate the public. I live in the arbitrary geo-political boundary known as the United States of America. I no longer have interest in its politics, or the character actors who portray our slave masters on this massive plantation. What I care about is changing the culture to embrace freedom and to reject totalitarianism. It is to this effect that I am actively writing, touring, recording, and standing up against the forces that seek to enslave me and my children. Join me. We need more voices in the arts who understand what is really going on.



First to you I would say thanks
I wish I could give you keys to the banks

History is important and it is deep
Yet it is eschewed as our minds sleep
To waken the few is not enough
Our gatherings of few have found it tough

From history and scholars there is so much to learn
Yet for celebs and sportsball people will spurn
Deep pockets pump into programming the mind
While the sleeping masses around their necks bind

They know not a slave is their way
As long as their shows continue to play
They work and they eat and tomorrow they'll fuck
As long as they continue to have a buck

So join up musicians and send forth your cry
I can't fault anyone for continuing to try

It is only when we fail to fight
that we've truly accepted our plight

If you think it song worthy feel free
If you use it credit what you use to me

I babble and gibber all the time
For this persona speaks in rhyme

If ever you need more lyrics weird like these
Look at my profile and fall to your knees

You'll fall and you'll laugh as you look around
Worry not its not you it is me where madness abounds

Awesome to see Jordan Page is here!

Im anarchist, agreed 100%, Taxation is theft!

Keep up the great work! Side Note: I also play Takamine, nice choice!

Cannot wait to see you again! So glad your little guy is doing well! (Your buddy in Colorado)