Jordan Peterson is a Spineless Charlatan

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Peterson is a charlatan academic who doesn't know the concept of having skin in the game. If your life is shit, then you can't really give advice to other people. His resume IS his personal life. So far Peterson is just talk and nothing to show other than convincing "angry white men" to do basic responsible things. Apparently this is considered original and revolutionary today.

The most compelling argument is that he created this idea of "intellectual dark web" that he borrowed from 4chan. He admitted he studied "far right" individuals and wanted to take them towards the center/left. He obviously has an agenda against the extreme right. He pointed several times that a) he refuses to debate them and (b) he wants to push towards the center/left. Most people fail to realise that the extreme left he is fighting against is legal but the extreme right positions are illegal. That right there is the key to understanding how spineless Peterson is.


Effectively his agenda (google to see who sponsors him) is to persuade "angry white men" that might have rebelled against the current system. A system that is rotted to the bone and really not worthy of taking a part in it. These men, realized that the system was fucking them and they decided to opt out from it and even form coalitions to overthrow it. (aka extremists). This is a very tense situation. So what do you do? You call someone who played the hero against extreme leftist debate (remember the pronouns debacle) and make him convince the angry men against the left to find a new meaning but still STICK TO THE SYSTEM. He mentioned he is clearly anti-nationalism, anti-patriotism, still pro LGBT, still very liberal (but defines himself as center). He is a wolf is sheep's clothing.

The reason there is so much made up tension is because the extreme left has become the new norm. We currently live in the Upside Down of Nazi Germany if any of you have noticed. Peterson going against cultural marxism makes sense to the average pleb that wants to appear edgy because surprise surprise the extreme has nullified every single thing. Peterson gives the right winger back his religion through his bullshit comparative narratives from myth and tradition (parable style religion). Avoids the atheism idea like the plague because in his eyes this is "chaos". Clearly intellectually dishonest right there just because it goes against his narrative. Everything he does is redefining the right wing values into a more water down bullshit, but still wanting to maintain meaning for them. Nation, Religion, Family, all redefined through a liberal eye. He is brainwashing the right which is becoming more and more obsolete. And they have no idea it is happening to them .


To sum it up. Peterson is self-help charlatan that became famous because he picked up a pointless fight with the extreme left. Some people in the right loved him for it (mostly angry white college students) and thus he became an icon. His real goal is against the right (not the left) since he wants to "appease" all those extreme white men he found on 4chan and the dark web. He even created the network of "intellectual dark web" to infiltrate the extreme right. All of them are charlatans and spineless pseudo-intellectuals.


His ideas are awful copy-pasta from the classics and really something that your mom could literally tell you if you weren't a spoiled brat glued on youtube all day. He is a drug addict and since he is a psychologist a pseudoscientist. Why? Because science is about testability, falsifiability and replicability. more than half of social science studies cannot be replicated. Even those that can be replicated rarely have ANY function in the world and it can be argue they cause more harm than good. Social Scientists are not scientists but social engineers, guided by state law. Along with psychiatry they merely mask the issues with drugs (just like any addict) and postpone the inevitable (Like Peterson has recently found out). He just happened to make some money on the side as well.


I enjoy many of JP's lecture videos.
They are what should be taught in basic college courses.

However, Aesops Fables would be a radical course in colleges today.

Imagine learning in college what used to be taught in Sunday School.
(and then calling it new and edgy)

Unfortunately, everything else i have seen from JP just rubs me wrong accept a few exceptions, like his talk about IQ with Stefan Molyneux.

But, as several MGTOWs have said, JP is telling men to take on the responsibility, but isn't telling them that they also need the authority, else the responsibility is just slavery.

I'm not sure I completely agree with some of your presuppositions... BUT I totally agree about your view of Peterson.

There is nothing new about anything he says... his version of libertarianism can be found throughout much American literature. I mean, you could read anything Robert Heinlein wrote between 1945-1970, and you'd wonder if you were reading Peterson gone back in time. But then again, most of his audience have probably never even read a book in their lives, so they think he's the best thing since pop tarts.

As you say, he is nothing other than a failed academic who took a gamble at being a social media influencer and 'entrepreneur' to sell some books and make a name for himself amongst angry white men who can't get laid. Clearly he wasn't earning enough of an income as a Psychologist or an Academic.

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