Interviews with Retired Propaganda Master Ellis Medavoy

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I just posted these interviews on a different page. I thought I might as well start a separate page for them:

These are multiple interviews by Jon Rappoport with retired propaganda master Ellis Medavoy, from about 20 years ago.

If anybody is even slightly interested in the subject of propaganda, you will definitely want to read these. I promise you they are profoundly important:

This is from the introduction:

Ellis Medavoy (pseudonym) was my original source for interviews that broke new ground on

He was, before he retired, a master of propaganda and PR, and worked to push important stories in front of the public. These stories were game changers:

Epidemic outbreaks
It Takes a Village

And they were all fabricated.

That's right, fabricated. They were pieced together from shoddy evidence and forced into the public consciousness through media outlets.

But behind every such story, there is a campaign, and behind the campaign is a “formulator.”

This is what Ellis calls himself sometimes. Meaning he invented the stories on assignment from higher‐ups and then sold them to the media.

He was told what to make real, and he did.

He's living comfortably these days, and as he says, “not writing my memoirs.”

Crafty, thoughtful, generous, thorny, irritating, nasty, sarcastic...these only begin to describe the man. He has mellowed a little, but not to the point of being “a cooperative witness.”

Ellis and Jack True and Richard Bell are primary sources on The Matrix [the interviews come from Rappoport's first collection, The Matrix Revealed]. The real one. They have plumbed the depths.

Ellis is the man who knows how stories are invented for public consumption and how high the lies are piled.

Not long after we met for the first time, he said to me, “I can tell you how to run a world, you know.”

I laughed.


“Sure,” he said. “You make up something complicated. Then you insert it into the bloodstream of the society, and you watch it bloom. You make it complex enough that it will take armies of people to sort it out and argue about it, and then you have them. The other thing is, what you make up has to cost money. A lot of money.”

“Why?” I said.

“Because people want their lies to have value, and that is judged by how expensive they are.”

“Suppose the citizenry ends up paying for these lies,” I said.

“SUPPOSE?” he said. “SUPPOSE? Of COURSE they're going to pay. They're going to pay until it hurts. You know the old expression, Seeing Is Believing? That's bunch of crap. PAYING IS BELIEVING. Remember that.”

I have.


The interviews with Jack True (described by Rappoport as the best hypnotherapist on the planet, before he died under suspicious circumstances) are also on the same website, if anyone is interested in those:


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