Funny Story : Late 4 Month

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A pair of newly married couples married 4 months. on a night
the wife hugged her husband's neck with a spoiled tone saying,
I've been late for a month, but I can not make sure again for us
gotta check on the doctor. "

husband also agreed with his wife to
not telling anyone about this happy news until
it is confirm.

One day, they was approached by TNB officials for being
there are arrears in their home electricity bill payments. Officer
TNB said "this is Mr. Mahpus's home?" "yes,i’m his wife,why?
what's wrong? "

TNB officer also said, "Mrs., it's late a month, I Can’t wait, my boss gettting mad. "

With a startled tone, the wife responded back to TNB officials
"How do you know that I'm late for a month?"

The TNB officer also said that "
all of them are in the computer and we can check Online "

TNB said that the wife was surprised.
"WHAT ???? I'm late for a month, can you all know?"

The TNB officer also said, "Relax, you're late
one month, another pople are very bad, they all late 5-6 months "

The wife, who was surprised by the statement, said,
“I will talk to my husband later.”
TNB officergoes out from there..

The next day, after Mahfus was told by his wife, he go on leave and go to TNB shop near ..

regardless of TNB's officers there, he did
shouting as he said, "What are you doing, my wife is late for a month?
spoofed into the internet. You are the family that never been late
a month to? what is your bisness? Want to get summoned?”

Then the officer who came to the house Mahpus stood and calmed
situation. "I'm sorry, do not worry, it's hard, if you want to settle this thing, Just pay the bill.”
the words of TNB officials made the mahphus
getting angry.

"WHAT ?? to pay you? ...."

Then the TNB officer said "if that's the case, we have to cut it off... ...."

Mahpus interrupted "what?" You want to Cut off my wife's ??? so what about my wife at home?”

The TNB officer said "it looks like you have to use a candle."😂

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This is one funny story. It's amazing how words can be interpreted in different ways! lol