Daily Jokes from SydesJokes for 3 Jan 2018

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Joke 1

Vincent van Gogh

SydesJokes Daily Digest

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Joke 2

The trouble with current times is that the future is not what it used to be.

Joke 3

Two old ladies were sitting on a park bench complaining about their husbands. "My husband's losing his mind," one lady said. "Last week he went out and spent $400 for a waterbed."

"That sounds exciting," the other lady said.

"Exciting, hell," the first old lady said. "The way my husband's thing has been reacting the last few years, that waterbed might as well be the Dead Sea."

Joke 4

Q: What is a pirate's favourite letter?
A: R(Arrrrrggggh)

Joke 5

Mary: So this really drunk, obnoxious guy kept bothering me at the party last weekend.

Jill: What happened?

Mary: Well, he cornered me, pulled his thing out of his pants, and asked me, "Do you want to suck it?"

Jill: Ohmigod! What did you do?

Mary: Well, I think I handled it pretty well. I just said, "No, you Go ahead. You don't have enough to share."

Joke 6

Little Johnny went to his first school dance. He didn't know if he would ever get up the nerve to ask a girl out to dance.

As the night went on everybody was dancing except Little Johnny. He just sat in the corner looking at everyone having fun.

Finally as the last song started to play Little Johnny spotted two very cute girls across the room sitting at their table. He walked over and asked one if she would like to dance. She looked him up and down and said "I am sorry but I am very particular with whom I dance with."

Little Johnny being the smart boy that he is, replied, "You can dam will see that I am not."

Joke 7

Q: Why did the cow jump over the moon?
A: Because the farmer had cold hands.

Joke 8

Conquer yourself rather than the world. - Descartes

SydesJokes Daily Digest

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The more we study, the more we know
The more we know, the more we forget
The more we forget, the less we know
the less we know, the less we forget
The less we forget, the more we know
Why study?

These were all very good!

Number #1 just hits the spot. I think it's important that we don't give power to these negative voices and instead, do what we just ought to do. Thanks for sharing some positivity on this platform @sydesjokes. 👍😆

@sydesjokes first joke is first joke is Quiet funny.

I love joke 3, you are a prof in this lol

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Joke no2. Now more than ever. Forget the mandela effect what about the mandala effect?

"The trouble with current times is that the future is not what it used to be."

100% I agree 👆👆👆👆
Nice to read this post I'm in love ❤

And thank you @sydesjokes

Never let your fears stop you from taking bold steps to greatness. By gloeze

joke number 4 very good and correct.

Conquer yourself rather than the world. But I think its not an easy task.

hahahahahahaha............ excelant jokes.

Q: Why did the cow jump over the moon?
A: Because the farmer had cold hands.

I like this joke LOL... @sydesjokes

Jokes can make laugh without money:)

Like it !

great jokes!

Hahhaha great jokes :)👏💕

HAhaha funny!

ha ha ha sir, your joks is very funny

lol on 5. That was a brutal joke.

hahahaha its really funny post.

Her jacket is her comrade in laughter...

High great, i like't, i want resteem your post.

naice loved 8 jokes from @sydesjokes


I love joke 2! Thank you @sydesjokes for this daily dose of fun! 😊

You are always an interesting person. It is true you need to conquer yourself before you conquer the world.

Van Gogh was probably a schizophrenic and he heard the voices. I do not deny that he was a brilliant painter.

Maybe he even saw the voices

Joke number 7. Very ...........

Some funny jokes! Thanks so much for your continued support..much appreciated!

your jokes are

Joke #8
often times, the problem isn't about the world but ourself.

Dark Humor is like Food, Not Everyone Gets It

@sydesjokes nice post,joke 6 is my favorite.cheers!!!!!

The more we know, the more we forget

@sydesjokes nice post.keep it up

Excellent post!



great words of wisdom conquer yourself rather than the world. well said @sydesjokes keep sharing

Loved the first one, and I find the same to be true of writing.

Cats and Dogs lay Eggs


Nice jokes. You must hear my laughing XD

No 4 is so lol

Worth Sharing

No 4 is awesome

«What is the difference between joke 1?»

Oh I love this

I've heard joke 4 way too many times but I love it every time still!

I love this.. "Conquer yourself rather than the world. - Descartes"

Thank you @sydesjokes!

wonderful writing. thanks for sharing excellent jokes.

Descartes is my favorite

joke 6 was awsome...

That vincent van gough quote is definitely worth going for :)

I'm definitely going to have to use #2 at work.

Nice jokes

You made me smile again. Thank you.

Very interesting , good job and thanks for sharing such a good article.

nice selection!

were do you get this jokes from lolll. Joke 7 is killing me. keep it up please loll!

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