When I speak you listen (funny experience)

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I was taking a walk with my friend Chad when a lady from a four-story building peeped out of the window and blew a kiss to my friend Chad.

Read our conversation:

​Chad:​ Daniel, look! That pretty woman is a blowing kiss at me...

Me:​ Chad, ignore her it is not worth the trouble.
(Then the lady signalled to him to come)

​Chad:​ Daniel that pretty woman is calling me! (very excited)

Daniel:​ Chad my friend, I strongly advise against you going up there to meet her.

​Chad:​ Why would you ask me not to go meet with her when a pretty woman like this woman calls me?

Daniel:​ Chad, I can only plead, that you don't go up there to meet her (feeling pity)

(Chad ignored me and went over to the lady's apartment, she came down to open the door for him to go upstairs with her.)

(The next day I went over to Chad's place and this conversation took place between us.)

Me: Chad, what happened yesterday at the pretty lady's apartment?

Chad: As I was about pulling off my clothes suddenly we heard a car honking and the lady quickly looked out of the window and told me her husband is back and coming up the stairs.

Then I asked her "I'm in trouble, right?!!"

Then she said: "not if you pretend you are the laundry man who is ironing these clothes (pointing at a heap of clothes)"
I spent five hours ironing those clothes while the husband stayed at home all day. Daniel, I can't believe I spent five hours ironing those clothes yesterday.

Me:​ But I told you not to go up those stairs. All those clothes you ironed, I WASHED THEM!!
When an experienced person speaks... listen!👂


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