Open Letter To All The Oversabi People.

in #jokes2 years ago

Date: 2nd October 2018
Dear Over-Sabis,
I beg you people please warn yourself, you are ruining our childhood memories😡😡😡
Initially, you change "Sandalili to Standard Living", like joke we no vex.....😒😒😒
After that you came and changed our jongolova epo moto to jingle over like a motor, we no still provoke.
Then you said "Ayamatanga is “I Am At Anger". Did we complain? No, we did not..... Ok😨
You came again and said it is "Water Cistern (WC)" and not "Water System".. did we argue? No, we lef am..😠
Later you said that the song "The most Excellency is Jesus" that we use to sing is not correct that it is "The Most Excellent King is Jesus" still😠😠😠we kept quiet,
A few months back, you still said "Osingosingo is not correct, and that its “Oh Singer Sing On", we look u, we no talk, we still kept our cool....😠😠?
Now you are saying our lovely Biscuit Bone is changed to “Brisket Bone”
Shuoooo!! 😡😡😡😡😡. Wetin na...?
See, make i just tell u, If you like call it brisket bone, or bracket bone, abi na skeleton bone.... ...we no send u, our biscuit bone na our biscuit bone.... And Pls stop correcting us, we no beg you!!! Leave us as we dey...
Lemme see you correct any English/Poem again 😠😠😠... Na problem u go see!
Yours angrily 👹👹,
Old Kids Association of Childhood Memories Nigeria..👍👍


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