Great Joke but it takes the right type of person to execute

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I'm someone who is a bit terrible at telling jokes but here is one a friend told me which made me laugh. It is tough to execute, and good facial expressions can really make this joke.

A duck sits down at a bar orders a drink and lights a smoke. "Man what a day" the duck says.
Bartender just stares at him and slowly says "Hey aren't you a Duck"
Duck says "yeah I'm a Duck aren't you a bartender, where's my drink?"
Bartender quickly gets the grumpy Duck his drink.
The Duck quickly downs it and says "I'll have another"

This goes on for a few drinks and the bartender asks a question now that the Duck is feeling a bit tipsy.
"So what do you do"
Duck says "well I'm a plasterer, I'm working on the construction project going on just down the street"
The bartender looks on in amazement as the Duck talks about his daily routine "joke teller to fill in as much
as they want, this is where the storytelling part comes in"

The Duck has had enough to drink and he says see you tomorrow and leaves.

The bartender quickly calls a friend who owns a travelling carnival, "your not going to believe this I just had a talking duck come in here and he had 5 drinks and 10 cigarettes. He's going to be back in here tomorrow would you like me to get him to call you?"
Yes the Carnival owner says have him call me, he can have a full time job!

The next night right on time the Duck enters the bar lights a smoke orders a drink and starts telling the people around him about his day.

The Bartender lets the duck loosen up a bit and enjoy a couple of stiff drinks before asking him if he is interested in another job.
So the Duck says, "Yeah I'm always looking for work it's not easy for a Duck to find good employment!"

Bartender starts to tell him about this amazing job working with his friend who owns a Carnival company.

The Duck pipes in!!!! "ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT A CIRCUS!!!
Bartender says 'Well yeah I guess"
Duck says " So like where they have Elephants and Tigers, and games , ( Joke teller to add as much as they would like)
Bartender says " Yeah just like that I guess
Duck says " Like where they have a big tent set up and people are all inside on benches watching these acts going on?"
Bartender says " Yeah just like that!"

So the Duck says>>>>>>

"Well what the hell do they need a Plasterer for?"


Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 6.8 and reading ease of 89%. This puts the writing level on par with Stephen King and Dan Brown.

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