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Once a husband was fighting a divorce case in court.

But the court did not make a right decision after coming to a question to whom the protection of the child was given.

To prove his claim, the wife says, "Judge, I have suffered this big problem for nine months and kept this child in my womb, therefore my right is made on it."

Judge looking at the wife's side, looks at the husband and asks, "Do you want to say something?"

The husband says, "Judge sir, I put a rupee in the machine of cold drink, and one bottle comes out of the cold-drink, then tell me, what happened to the bottle, mine or the machine?"

After hearing this, the wife responds by saying, "Judge sahab, utensils mine ... milk is mine ... and in it to make curd with two drops of curd, make yogurt and curd whose?"

The husband responds, "Judge sir, I put the paper in the typewriter, pressed down the press, and I worked harder, whose chit is my or the typewriter?"

Listening to both of them, the judge becomes disturbed and chokes, "Sister's lot!" If you write with your hand, it does not matter. "


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