How The Gaming Industry Is Evolving Day By Day

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You would not believe how much the gaming industry has evolved as of now. There has been a lot of improvement in it that you would barely recognize if you see it decades before. Back then, then the only games that are widely available are video game consoles as well as those video games in arcades. However, nowadays, the gaming industry has been so advanced that you can bring the games with you wherever you go. Here are some of the advances that you might be surprised to know about.

Face recognition

One of the major improvements in games is that nowadays, you would be able to have your face recognized on most game consoles. This means that if you want to create your user, you can easily use your face and see it straight in the game. A lot of developers create these games where you will be able to use the camera in your console so that you would be able to get recognized in the game and this is a big improvement from the past.

Voice recognition

Besides being able to recognize your face, a lot of games will also be able to recognize your voice. You may opt not to use your controller and just let it on the ground for a while. This is helpful when you want to play but you are also too lazy to get up from the sofa. You can control your character by just talking and letting the console recognize you. There are specific voice commands that you can use to play in the game and by knowing them, you should be able to navigate just fine and have fun while also playing the game that you want to. If you do not want to download the software version, you can use the browser by login on

Gesture control

There are also games wherein you would be made to move on your own which means to say that they would be able to detect your gestures and motion and this would be how you are going to play the game. A lot of people would be familiar with this as games like Dance Revolution and other sports games use this kind of feature. It is awesome to be moving along with the game and feeling like you are actually involved in it and are there in the game itself.


Without a doubt, there has been a major advancement in terms of the graphics that are used in games these days. You would be able to see the difference when you compare old games with newer ones. This also helps to increase the way that games are played and also helps to give adequate interaction along with it. It would feel like you are really inside the game when you look at it since most animations would feel very real. This would be because of the texture of the graphics and the rendering of the game as well. The developers have put a lot of effort into them which surely is something that people look forward to every time.