Absolutely funny jokes

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  1. The giraffe married a monkey. One year later, the giraffe asked for divorce: I never want to jump up and down again.

Monkey is furious: Leave as soon as you can. I've never seen anyone who has to climb a tree even after kissing

  1. Please don't worry when you get on the large train beside the railway but don't bring any paper. The train will remind you: pants wipe, pants wipe, pants wipe!

Don't worry when you are on the riverside and have no paper with you. The frog will tell you: stick scratch, stick scratch, stick scratch!

  1. A handsome man asked an old man, "What secret do you use to make your wife obedient?" The old man said disapprovingly, "It's very simple. If she doesn't obey, I'll take off her pants and spank her!" After listening to this, the handsome man sighed sadly: "In fact, I have tried this method, but every time I take off her pants, I will not be angry!"

  2. Boy: I want to buy a sanitary towel.

Waiter: Did your mother ask you to buy it?

Little boy: No.

Waiter: Is that your sister?

Little boy: No, I want to buy it myself.

Waiter: Why do you buy sanitary napkins?

Little boy: It's said on TV that "you can swim, skate and play tennis with it".

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