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in joke •  last year

dad: Oh my god! You know those little holes in the stalls of public toilets meant for people to pass toilet paper over in case you're empty? You won't believe what happened to me today...

me: I'm going to stop you right there dad. Firstly, they're not used to pass toilet paper. Secondly, I didn't know it was you or I would never have done it

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Now that's probably a family memory they will have for life hehe


by they, you mean me
but sure :p

hahaha, all sharing are amazing

Haa haaa from where u think these things @traf @trafalgar Upvoted

what joke bro ..i am lounging alone more and more

Whahaha what a funny things i was laughing alone here .very nice. @traf

Now that's a story to tell at the thanksgiving dinner.

In the vernacular of th 70's inner city, the hole is not for "doing a solid by sparing a square to a guy who just did a solid".

I imagine your dad was also surprised when he started tapping his toe to the Muzak music playing in the public restroom with his "wide stance".


i love that father and son quality time sitting side by side in toilet stills sharing a snigger or joke or two along with a fart in tune.....such sweet memories