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in joke •  11 months ago

Fact: Participants of the National Spelling Bee competition are allowed to bring a calculator

I suggest you take advantage of this rule if you're struggling with the word '8008135'

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I'm here for 80085


I think we all are

wise quotes!!!

i will take advantage :)

8008135 the only number that made sense to me in math class

I guess I'm stupid because I didn't get this joke.


you never spelled boobies with your calculator back in school?


Yes, I did. And I've heard this one before. However, the 3 got me confused because it's a backward E. I think it makes sense if you hold the calculator upside down. Oh, DUH! I get it now. I just woke up so my brain is still kind of foggy LOL

good job.

Is funny anyway, because you can't use calculator to calculate bee.

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The magical word that made me love math. Alas, it was all an illusion, and in reality, math does not love me back.