What? Now RAM on your PC can be downloaded directly from the internet?

in #joke6 years ago (edited)

Technology is increasingly growing by leaps and bounds yes. Especially if you've affairs specification computers and gadgets. It if miss a little, might one after the application was unusable because it requires a high specification.

If you are hard pressed to upgrade the RAM the computer but want to be able to run heavy applications or games, just download RAM. Hah? Downloaded ?! are you kidding ?. Weve now RAM can be downloaded via the internet?

A website called DownloadMoreRam.com can provide additional RAM for you who need it you know. The way it stayed RAM what you want, ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB are also in the website.

But is it true? Does the RAM can be downloaded? Of course, can not. This site is the site of humor or you can also use the site as a prank. RAM that can be downloaded is one of humor that has often expressed when your computer can not run an application or applications that run slow because too heavy.

Now you can bully your friends who do not understand about the technology, if the computer is slow, you suggested to him for, download RAM via the website DownloadMoreRam.com, guaranteed there would be no change in anything. Most of your friends are so upset yourself hahaha.

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Have a nice day everyone!


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