Can a man ever do a wrong transaction with God?

in joke •  10 months ago

My friend invited me to his church
for a thanksgiving service, and I sat
at the front row.
When it was time for offering, the
offering basket was passed around.
Despite the Pastor's charge for good
offering, I still hurriedly and secretly pulled out as
usual N20.00 from my pocket and dropped it
inside d offering basket . Just then the man
behind me tapped me
on the shoulder and handed me 3 notes of 1000.
I smiled, sow generous. Then majestically, I
looked around and called back d usher and put
the 3k in the basket and passed it on. Then I
turned and thanked the man seriously for being
so generous. He
replied "don't mention my dear'' be more
careful next time, d money fell from your
pocket" Whaaaat!!!!!?????"
"Usher please wait, it is a wrong transaction!!!!🙄
Don't laugh alone, share it and
make someone laugh away their worries!!!

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I really like this post muchlove! keep it up!

good one @muchlove, thanks for the smile


You are welcome