Campaign#Delete facebook, join steemit and promosteem

in #joinsteemit3 years ago

good afternoon steemian friends all.

I @barindo just read some post @stephenkendal about campaign#delete facebook and join steemit, I am very interested and strongly agree with the opinion so I delete my own delete facebook account in all devices I have this I do because many negative aspects that I encountered on facebook like hoax,cheating and many more while the benefits we only get a thumb if our post is good for what it is all.

Much different from steemit here besides we can channel talent such as writer, phorographer, traveler and others also get the award, the more people love it the more rewards we get, Well on this occasion I also invite the fecebooker to leave facebook and let's switch and join steemit.


I always look forward to all my steemians friends to support and petrify me in running the mission # Promo-Steem
Thanks also to @steem-ambassador @starkerz @anarcotech @stephenkendal and everything that has helped and support me.



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