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Our Lives protests around the world are March 2018 into the Kids Choice Awards.

Launching with the opening censorship of John Cena, rallies were held for political moments at awards in Los Angeles.

"I know it's a wonderful night, but children have already done a wonderful day, I need a moment to celebrate today's children," Cena played in the back of the country all over the country.

"This is because the whole world, across the globe, has heard wonderful march for our voices in our voices, and you want to make a good place all over the world, even in Los Angeles, including Washington DC, Florida," he said.

"You see, it's only possible when we all work together, it's exciting to see kids charge," Sena continued. "It's a true inspiration for Nickelodeon and of course the Kids Choice Awards, so congratulations, all the kids who are different today are able to hear it loud and proud."

Our lives are not the only ones to pay homage in March for protests. The show's first winner, Millie Bobby Brown, made a big announcement in the custom shirt with the names of 17 victims of Parkland Shooting on February 14 and devoted her to "the angels among us".

From there, almost every star was honored with Kamila Cabello and Liza Koshy from Jeddah for our Lives for Mango.

"I want to tell you every morning and everybody there is this morning, thanks to what you are doing, and knowing that your voice is the real thing and this is a powerful thing, and this is a beautiful thing, and you can feel your age at any time and work in the world No one can tell you that you can limit it from doing it Should not be. "

Olympic gymnast Larry Hernandez praised the rally, speaking to ET's Kelly Knight on Kids' Choice Awards Red Carpet.

"It's very important for most kids and teenagers who want to make a difference and they're adamant about what's going to happen," she says. "They should not just sit and wait and they are tired of waiting and they want to make those changes happen, I'm very proud of these kids and teens and adults and want to change that."

This is our young Kate, Hanna Zail, once again saying that he was in the "soul" in ET.

"It's really an important thing, and I'm happy for all of this because it is very sad in these circumstances, but people like Emma are united and people are really good to see Gonzalez just take a stand and be a voice for the people, "She shared. "I'm proud to be part of that genre."

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