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very nice agriculture

in that picture you dont look very happy with it ehehehe

Good for you. I can't say the same. 😑

woow nice. amazing photo

Your first class, Economics 101. You can explain to everyone the phenomenon going on with cryptocurrency. The professor will scoff but then by the end of the class you will be explaining the nuances of THE NEW WORLD CRYPTO ECONOMY, and the professor will be taking notes. After two or three more classes there will be a mass exodus until the fourth meeting you will be the only one there. OR you will do great and be massively successful because you backed the value in yourself by getting a great education. The latter seems more probable, best of luck @johnabbott!

Stay in school!

Please do, its all for the better, u will get to benefit it later. Good luck in your studies.

great choice bro and thanks for sharing!

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Good for you. Having a back of plan, Study hard and well

Good for you @johnabbott