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in joesdiary •  6 months ago

Annie talked to the new guy.
She says John reminds her of her first husband.

I couldn't say if that is a plus or a minus.
Age will not change anyone, I think.

George and John get along well.
George a loudmouth and John a silent tree.

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great legend

You are saying right and John and George were, unfortunately, at probably their lowest ebb at the time of John's death. George's I Me Mine book had been published earlier in the 1980, and John was deeply offended about how little there was about him and his influence on George's life. I can't remember the exact quote, someone else here may know it, but it was along the lines of, "Every two-bit musician he's played with he pays tribute to but I barely get a mention." George wrote All Those Years Ago in response to smooth the waters, which very soon he was rewriting as a tribute to John in the wake of John's assassination.

Good music! I might be always saying it but who can deny that these legends are indeed great musicians?