Steemit is helping me get work

in jobs •  10 months ago

Been super busy which is why I haven't used this account to post in so long, but I just wanted to say I'm alive and well, currently in the process of applying to change my immigration status.

Steemit has helped me get work for a few ICOs since I made the last post, It's nice to be able to show one is involved in crypto using this blog.

I will be back to posting regularly once I have more time :)

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I like your work dear
You and analyst @salahuddin2004 are two top analysts of cryptoworld.
His prediction success rate 98%
But I like your work most. Keep posting


Yes come soon

Good to see your doing well and still alive, miss our awesome arguments.
thats awesome about the work, keep kicking butt and when you got the time to come back we will be waiting for you.

A year ago I joined Steemit. I was welcomed by 3 guys - I dubbed them: "The Welcoming Committee"
YOU were among that trio and I would like to say THANK YOU!