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Hi All,

Here is a list of agencies that give one off/temporary jobs at the best events! Really fun and changing of the surroundings really makes the jobs so unique and lets you adapt the capability to learn quickly, new faces new tasks new challenges, new life experiences, no two days are the same. You choose your shifts as well as the days you want to work and where. It is the future of working and well payed.

One. HAP Recruitment, Based in Manchester. Most jobs located in central london and in Alexandra Palace, Windsor Racecourse - as well as many sporting events including rugby and football. There are jobsall over uk as well as in Wales, Scotland and even irland.

All you need is to register, go for an interview and you're all set, just picking up the phone and saying the desired event then choosing your shift and assuring the correct dress code is all you need to work.


Two. Coople - Based in London. Wide Range of permament and temporary jobs. Skype interviews available to get verified and start to work, the agency operates through phone as well as through an app where you can search the days and dates you'd like to work as well as the pay rates and the search results will match to your hours and days then all you need to do is to choose the shifts (sometimes the shifts can be even there for few months forward in case they want to employ same faces for a while). However, one great benefit of this agency is sometimes you get sudden jobs appearing that weren't there 10 minutes ago then you have the chance to apply quickly and once you apply you have to wait for a confirmation of being hired and once you receive that you have to confirm and you're all set to go, at the end of shifts you have to confirm the amount of hours and breaks you had that can be done through scanning a barcode or entering manually to be confirmed with the employer.

There are jobs available in events, waitressing, industrial as well as many others


Three. Syft - This is only an APP. You choose your pay rate and the times and dates you want to work as well as the events, these events include prestigious technology events or business meetups that are surely full of information for the tech enthusiasts, there are jobs in high end restaurants and in all sorts of other fields really leaving you to be adventurous as well as ofcourse going where your skills are !


Here are the three agencies I have checked out once I have more I will post about them, these experiences are really gold to me and they are just interesting as you never know who you'll meet and how the workplace looks like and you're left to discover so much


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